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Ovid 3.24 release

Dear Ovid Customer:

This release includes the ability to insert a new line in the Edit Search History screen; we have corrected an issue with Auto Alerts output to Excel, and improved efficiencies to the validation process; plus there are updates and enhancements to the Search Results and LinkSolver pages, aimed to improve overall user experience and modernize the platform.

The new platform, 3.24, will be released Tuesday, February 14th at 1 pm MT / 3 pm ET.

Insert a new line in the Edit Search History screen
You can now more quickly and easily update your searches with the ability to insert a new line (anywhere) into your searches — once a search has been run and results have been populated, you can now directly add in a new line of search and re-run the results.

FIXED: Auto Alert output to Excel
We had received feedback from several customers experiencing issues with the Auto Alerts output to Excel, where in certain instances it would fail to export. We discovered this was due to an Excel limitation, where if a field had more than 32k characters, the alert would fail. We now truncate that field and leave a short message, thereby averting the limitations to Excel.

Updated Search Results and LinkSolver Pages
In our continued efforts to update and improve the user interface and overall user experience with the Ovid platform, we have made some noticeable changes to the Search Results page and the LinkSolver Page, as you can notice from the before and after screen shots below.
Note: This does not affect any customized LinkSolver pages.

Search Results before:

Search Results after (Ovid 3.24):

LinkSolver before:

LinkSolver after (Ovid 3.24):

Improved efficiencies to the validation process
Our development team has also made updates in this release that improve efficiencies during the validation (login) process.

Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to [email protected].


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Wolters Kluwer Health | Ovid
Wolters Kluwer Health | Ovid

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