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TermFinder and Search Builder on Ovid
Tuesday 27th, September 2022; 10am and 3pm (AEST), UTC +10

This webinar will introduce the TermFinder and Search Builder features in Ovid. The feature is a way to add search terms drawn from the database subject structure but outside the thesaurus structure. Often these will include historic terms and synonyms. The added terms may be edited as needed before searching.
Biodigital Human Webinar
Thursday 29th, September 2022; 10am and 3pm (AEST), UTC +10

This webinar will introduce the BioDigital Human product, a cloud based anatomy product focusing on medical education, featuring easy customization and linking options.
Recorded on Wednesday 17th, August 2022

Ovid Term Finder helps users access key information as they construct their search without having to leave the Advanced Search page.

Join us to discover the features and characteristics of new APA PsycInfo features and Term Finder.
Biocyc Genome Database Collection on Ovid

Recorded on Wednesday 31st, August 2022

The webinar will introduce the database content, who it is for and how it may be used. The database contains information about the genomes of over 20,000 organisms, the proteins and enzymes which are created and the chemical pathways that they mediate.

The content may be used for information or analysis and all content is linked and supported by references where possible.